Loksabha Election Date 2024: Sanjeev Kumar gave facility to voters to vote sitting at home

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Loksabha Election Date 2024

Loksabha Election Date 2024: In his press conference, Rajiv Kumar, appointed by the Chief Election Commission, has told what policies he will adopt for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 and what facilities will be available to the voters.

Loksabha Election Date 2024

Loksabha Election Date 2024
Loksabha Election Date 2024

Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar told in his press conference that this time around 97 crore voters are going to cast their votes and for this he has announced to create around 10.50 lakh polling stations in different states. Loksabha Election Date 2024

Convenience for Voters

While discussing in his press conference, Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar said that voters are going to get very good security this time because this time many polling stations have been set up by the Election Commission in which more than 40% of the people are disabled or If a person is handicapped or has a disability, he will be provided a wheelchair and the team will provide him the facility to cast his vote at home. Loksabha Election Date 2024

He also said that whether a person lives in a forest or in a snowy place or in any other place from where If he is unable to reach the polling station, he will be provided the facility to vote at home.

Online App Facility for Voters

In this year 2024, Lok Sabha Election Commission has told Rajiv Kumar that through the online application for the voters, they can check everything by entering their voter ID number, where their polling booth is going to be, where they have to vote and that You will easily get all the information about how far away it is from your home through the Elect application on your mobile phone while sitting at your home. Loksabha Election Date 2024

Four big Challenges Before the Election Commission

Chief Officer Rajiv Kumar has told in his press conference that this time he will have to face four big challenges, how he handles them, while giving information about all the things, he has said that this time he has adopted 4m role.

In which all the challenges have been given where all the facilities have to be reached in whatever condition water is available and any kind of objectionable incidents have to be informed immediately or any person of any party is buying votes by paying money to anyone.

You can immediately take a photo of the person doing the activities and provide it on the application, then immediate action will be taken against him. He has told in his press course Prince that his team will conduct him within 100 minutes.
His third M out of 4m is that of misinformation in which he told that do not give any wrong information to anyone and vote truthfully and be with everyone. Voting is not anyone’s personal, it is your own right which you can exercise in your own right. Can give as per security

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